Exodus Broadhead Brutality Test

Exodus broadhead commercial shows how the best broadhead on the market can penetrate through a steel drum 6 times at the Quality Archery Designs testing facility. The Exodus broadhead test is performed on every batch of broadheads to insure the toughest most accurate broadheads on the market. We encourage you to do a broadhead test yourself and see how each broadhead performs. Check out more on How to tune broadheads at www.qadinc.com.

Bowhunting Arm Guard Video: Bowhunting Tips

A unique compression bow sleeve that is the only bow sleeve that not only pulls your clothes tight to your forearm for bow string clearance but also holds your phone secure in a see through mesh pocket while allowing full touch screen interaction. Easy and quick access to your phone means less movement in the stand and more game on the ground. It includes an additional pocket conveniently stores a grunt call or flashlight and allows hands free operation. The sleeve features a high quality 4 way stretch performance materials with reinforced stitching and a rubber grip elastic which keeps the sleeve from slipping down your arm.


Cell phone holder with see through mesh | Fits most cell phone sizes (even large 6” screens) | Full touch screen operation through mesh | Forearm protection | Extra mesh pocket for grunt call or flashlight | Keeps clothes tight for bow string clearance | Comfortable 4 way stretch spandex for a snug fit | Reinforced stitching | Anti-Slip rubber grip elastic | High performance moisture wicking material | 90% polyester 10% Spandex | Available in Black or Realtree | One size fits most

QAD Ultrarest Commercial with Levi Morgan

Quality Archery Designs, QAD Ultrarest commercial. Levi Morgan one of the top shooters in the world describes it takes everything you got to get to the top. Its dependent on your hard work and efforts but when it comes to his rest, there’s only one rest he will use. The Ultrarest by QAD.

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest Commercial

Quality Archery Designs Ultrarest commercial, Professional Archer Levi Morgan depends the ULTRAREST for his success in the field and on the targets.

Exodus Broadheads by Quality Archery Designs

Exodus Broadhead Commercial by Quality Archery Designs. Funny broadhead commercial where a skater gets run over by a truck.

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest commercial American made

Quality Archery Designs products are proudly made in the USA. All of our products are made right in our own facilities in Madison Heights, Va where we can control the quality you deserve.

Ultra-Rest HDX drop away arrow rest by Quality Archery Designs

The New Ultra-Rest HDX: You brave the extreme conditions. You conquer the extreme situations. You master the extreme shots. You accept nothing but the best. The extreme bowhunter demands the Ultra-Rest HDX; the Rest you can always depend on.

Exodus Broadheads by Quality Archery Designs

It has been proven that short compact broadheads fly better, more accurate, and match field point tuning and accuracy over longer broadheads. The compact heads on the market fly excellent but unfortunately give up penetration and or cutting diameter. UNTIL NOW The new revolutionary Exodus broadhead has turned the page. Unlike other short compact heads B.O.S technology has allowed us to design a compact head for unsurpassed field point accuracy and superb strength while still maintaining a large cutting diameter and extreme penetration. It also gives a long cutting edge.
– 85,100, or 125 grain.
– 1.25″ cutting diameter
– 440 stainless steel heat treated
– Replaceable blades
– thick .040 blades
– Unbeatable Field Point accuracy and consistency
– heavy duty washer
– Bone Crushing Strength and durability
– Remarkable Penetration
– Super Short compact head for strength, accuracy, and consistency.
– B.O.S (Blade over shaft) The blades extend over the arrow shaft.